Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Digital Art

Generally digital printing is called as "direct to garment digital printing" or simply DTG. This type of technique relates to the application of water-based inks in tshirt using a specialized digital device. Design is usually fixed to the clothing with a heat press. Printing technology advances have improved the finish digital printing of tshirts immensely in recent few years. If you've tried it for a few years ago and was very depressing to see the dots in your design, do not it let you down now now. Modern digital art tshirts give finishes better now, with better stability than before.

In case you are using a photograph or complex images, multi-color of your tshirt design, digital art printing is the way to go as it can reproduce photorealistic designs. Furthermore, it is the cheaper choice if you only want a small amount of tshirt art produced as setup cost is lower.

An additional important thing to consider with art digital printing is the color of base clothing, as color is the most prominent color in design, and as a result, the best effect is gained using white tshirt when printing a multi-colored design. Only tshirt printer is possible to get excellent results with black or dark colored tshirts. White ink can still be problematic, so avoiding using DTG t-shirt printing designs with significant white areas, especially on dark base clothing, is a wise choice.

If your design is so simple and has few colors, digital art (click here) is the best method to choose. If the T-shirt design related to your colors and photorealistic images, then digital printing should be your primary choice. Bakso will be happy to give you advice on what is best for your demands. At Bakso they work with the most dynamic independent artists, producing t-shirts that drip with style and individuality.

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  1. Good advice Lara. It seems like more people are becoming aware of what they can do with digital direct to garment. With people such are yourself educating the public, and advances in digital printing technology, it won't be long before everyone is getting custom shirts made all of the time.